5 CRM software to manage your customer relationship


To optimize your relationship with the customer, the software market offers a wide range of software. It’s easy to get lost in the meandering of this software panel. We have selected some CRM software and are presenting a comparison of the best customer relationship management software.

To evaluate their performance, we invite you to compare the different functions they offer, the audiences that this type of software is aimed at, but also its price. At the end of each presentation, you’ll find the small ones in the product that can make a difference.

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CRM General Classification

Axonaut, the CRM software associated with an ERP

For what audience and what rate?

The Axonaut’s

Eudonet CRM fits your business

For what audience and what rate?


Highrise, crm for small budgets

For what audience and what rate?


Microsoft Dynamics 365, the RCMP software built into the Office suite

For what audience and what rate?

Microsoft Dynamics 365

CRM General Classification

The software is sorted alphabetically. In the following summary table, we tell you what everyone is special about:

Specialized software

Axonaut CRM software integrated into an ERP

Eudonet CRM Adapted to a variety of operations

Highrise Very simple, for small budget

Microsoft Dynamics CRM built into Office Suite

noCRM Boosts Prospecting

Oracle Siebel CRM Very complete with a sales prediction tool

Salesforce Sales Cloud focused on innovation

Sellsy CRM – Simple and intuitive CRM customer service

Simple CRM Artificial Intelligence in search of the right perspectives

Sugar CRM Open Source and Customizable

Axonaut, the CRM software associated with an ERP

Axonaut is a 100% French solution that combines an online CRM and ERP into a single tool. His promise? Help you focus on the essentials with simple, efficient, and accessible software for everyone.


Through its integration with an ERP, Axonaut CRM offers comprehensive customer lifecycle management:

Lead Base Management: A detailed table shows you an overview or filtered view of your leads;

Statistics and analysis: view your statistics and analyze prospecting data by your sellers;

Track exchanges connected to your emails and calendars: find your exchange history, increase leads, schedule reminders and appointments directly from the tool;

Customization of the sales cycle: Create your own prospecting steps and modulate them according to your different types of leads.

In addition, thanks to its invoice and budget management module, the tool saves you valuable time, including:

One-click budget and invoice generation that can be customized to your company’s image,

electronic signature directly on Axonaut,

online payment of invoices,

management of unpaid debts with automatic increase, etc.

For what audience and what rate?

Axonaut is aimed at entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups. Subscription starts at $19.99/month for 1 user plus $10/month/additional user.

The Axonaut’s

This CRM software combined with an ERP integrates customer service to manage customer relationships and customer tracking and offers great ease of use with its clear and ergonomic interface. Find your entire company in a safe and French tool!

Eudonet CRM fits your business

Available in local or SaaS mode, this CRM solution has been constantly evolving since its inception. It can be accompanied by training and a support service in order to optimize its use.

Eudonet Comparative CRM CRM

Adapted to business supplies, marketing features benefit all companies that want to increase their sales. With Eudonet CRM

Processes are based on automated but personalized emails and emails;

Commercial territories are identified by the software and can be valued as needed;

Automated dashboards and reports are at your disposal to get an accurate view of all your activities.

The solution offers the ability to manage contacts based on predefined inputs. Duplicates are processed to avoid distorted analysis and database overhead. Eudonet CRM helps sellers get the right information at the right time and allows them to anticipate customer desires and expectations. Remote query promotes more regular tracking of sales progress and continuous access to the necessary information.

For what audience and what rate?

SMEs, communities or large companies can access this platform without drowning in various features. Basic option starts at a $40/user/month fee


Its interfaces and features are suitable for different types of businesses and different businesses.

Highrise, crm for small budgets

It was founded in 2007 in the United States. It is a particularly simple and easy-to-use CRM tool that allows people not seasoned with this type of software to get the best features in minutes

Highrise Comparative CRM

Highrise is above all an elaborate contact manager. In particular, it allows:

Create a reliable database with auto-update

manage a contact list and track exchanges between the company and its customers

Process and record all customer communications and details of purchases made by consumers;

View notifications and comments to refine each customer’s profile and improve the quality of the services and products offered by the company.

For what audience and what rate?

It is ideal and highly recommended for TPE. Easy access, it is not very expensive and avoids getting lost in overstretched features that are not necessarily exploited by small businesses. It takes $24 for the basic solution and up to $99 for the premium version.


Optimized contact management and a truly economical solution that’s perfect for limited budgets.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, the RCMP software built into the Office suite

As the name suggests, this is a software developed by the Microsoft company and aims to offer an effective customer relationship management solution across different features.

Comparative CRM for Microsoft Dynamics customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses its performance to develop an effective marketing strategy and create an individualized customer-to-business relationship. In particular, it allows:

Generate and send messages with automatic replies based on customer actions

Customize workflow rules based on generated demands and business needs

customers before making email.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides streamlined management of customer and lead data, including:

Integration of contact data and exchange history;

Recording of customer-authorized contact preferences (telephone contact, email, etc.);

duplicate management so that you don’t create a biased information analysis and don’t overload your database

Manage opportunities by converting a lead identified as potentially interested in a product or offer.

This software also performs a competitive tracking and analysis. It gives you campaign performance reporting editing and weighs the cost-to-revenue ratio of each of your campaigns for better visibility into analytics.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 now combines CRM (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) and ERP, extending its functionality: marketing, customer service (SAV), field services (field uses), project management automation, and so on.

For what audience and what rate?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available for use for all sizes in the enterprise. The three available rate offers are calculated based on the number of users per month and range from 42 to 168 euros, depending on the more or less advanced options.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

It is integrated into the Office Suite and offers a very easy grip.

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