Because HubSpot is perfect as CRM increases correctly,


In acquiring customers from the Internet, CRM can make a difference. CRM is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management and is in fact a fundamental tool to cure the entire phase of customer acquisition, from the moment when a user enters the site to the one where he subscribes to an offer, buys a product, accesses a Service. HubSpot, the service we use with our customers, is an excellent free CRM in every point of view.

But what should a CRM do that really works and that helps your company to find customers online?

Firstly, it should respect the following characteristics at least:

It should have some good online reviews from users who use it daily. Moreover, it does not hurt that it has reviews from specialized sites and magazines.

It must come from a company that has customers all over the world and therefore is able to maintain high the quality of technical support.

It must have an intuitive, easy to use interface that allows you to focus immediately on acquiring customers.

It must have integrations that allow the improvement of the performances of the site, but also in the basic version function properly, achieving the aim to expand your sales network thanks to an automation system.

A CRM software works to improve the relationship between company and customer, replacing human interaction where it is not strictly necessary, achieving better results thanks to a constant control of the entire sales process. Ultimately the purpose is precisely this: to make efficient the acquisition of customers, simplifying the process of sales and after-sales.

The basis of the operation of the CRM is the workflow leading from the acquisition of the contact up to the sale. In This hubspot proves to be a perfect CRM. And here I’ll explain why:

Combining marketing with sales, creating what they call Smart WebSite an outdated and not attentive to the marketing process, would work by separating the two phases of marketing and sales. Instead, HubSpot has marketing tools and tools for sales.

Every step of the customer acquisition can be strengthened on the web and organized in order to “not lose” any contact: you will always know when it reads a post, it opens an email, it downloads a product. This way you can insert the contact in a specific “section” of the capture path.

Provides basic information. HubSpot has internal measurement and prediction tools that can be used to improve the performance of your site. For example, a complete overview of traffic, what Origin has, how much time a given user spends on the site, what results are obtained from traffic channels such as external sites, search engines, social media, email marketing, traffic Direct.

You can know exactly who is who sees what inside the site, once you have taken the contact. In essence, you can acquire so much information, that you can predict the performance of certain content or actions, by filing the margin of error and increasing the revenue.

Refine the sales process. As an entrepreneur or professional you will have realized that bringing a customer home is not easy at all. Whether it’s the sale of a product or a service, things get complicated because potential customers aren’t all alike.

It’s true that sales techniques tend to work in the media, but a tool like HubSpot lets you assign each contact to a specific phase or sales sequence. With the result that you will always know where to focus, what kind of “commercial effort” you have to do. This aspect is very important: rarely “take home” the customer to the first mail.

To do that should be extremely motivated or you’re some kind of genius who beats Warren Buffet in business acumen. Joking aside, thanks to the sales sequences you will be able to “follow” closely each stage of the acquisition. For a contact you will need to do a follow-up (an email below the first one), a second may be slightly undecided and need only a slight push.

The system helps you to respect the sequences, making the acquisition more automated and without smuding. You will not forget contacts on the street and for everyone you’ll always know where you are from the sales path.

Get relevant notifications about your site’s activity. Today we work in every condition, even outside the office. Your sales team might be out for worthy commercial encounters, but it would be truly unforgivable that they lose the opportunities that a good CRM can create.

Then, an improved and punctual system of notifications alerts you by email of the state of each contact. In doing so you will always know who.

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